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Access to E-Media

Access to the resources is of course not only possible on the computers of the University Library. The other access options are

  • in the WLAN at JLU,
  • in the WLAN at another university via eduroam,
  • from anywhere where Internet access is available (e.g. at home)
    • via the EZ-Proxy software (rule)
      via  VPN (exception)

WLAN eduroam

How to set up and connect to the WLAN and eduroam is described on the HRZ website:


To use EZ-Proxy, you need a valid HRZ user ID (g/s ID) with a network password.

In JUSTfind, you only need to log in once in the menu via Login "Full access".

We explain the details and have an FAQ on a detailed page on EZ-Proxy.


Access for non-JLU members 

Non-JLU members with a library card from the library system can access licensed e-media at the PC workstations in the library. USB sticks can be connected to the PCs as storage media.