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General Library Card

General Library Card


Image: General Library Card


The following persons may apply for a free library card:

  • interested persons, who have a place of residence in Hesse/Rhine-Hesse for at least three months and who are over 16
  • students from other universities in Hesse/Rhine-Hesse
  • international students (e.g. ERASMUS program) and guest researchers
  • staff members of the Justus Liebig University (JLU)


Application Process

To apply for a general library card, please fill out the online form and submit with the "absenden" button (send button).

Persons under the age of 18 must also provide a completed and signed "Bürgschein" (surety).


You can get the general library card during the opening hours for cash payment at the circulation desk of the following libraries:


Please present the completed form and a valid ID card at the desk. A passport with a confirmation of registration from the registration office (not older than three months) will also be accepted.


International students (e.g. ERASMUS students) and guest researchers can get a library card that is valid for the duration of their stay.


Please report a lost library card to the library immediately. Name or address changes should be communicated to the circulation desk of one of the above-listed libraries by submitting this form.


With a general library card you can


To use these services, you require a password for your user account. You may either provide one during the application process via the online form or when you are issued a general library card at the circulation desk.


By taking possesion of the general library card, you accept the rules governing the use of the JLU's library system (German).


The general library card is valid for two years. You will get an email notification inviting you to renew your card at one of the circulation desks four weeks before the card expires.