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Loan Period

The loan period for circulating media, including books requested via interlibrary loan, is usually 28 days.

Important: Even if you exceed the loan period for only one day, you will accrue overdue fines.

An overview of what you have borrowed and when those items are due is available from your user account. You can also request this information at a circulation desk.

If you specify an e-mail address in your user account, we will send you a reminder e-mail three days before items are due. To avoid paying overdue fines, you have the following options:

Please note: Even if you do not receive a reminder e-mail (owing to technical difficulties, invalid e-mail address, full inbox, etc.), you are responsible for returning items that you borrowed or renewing them before the due date to avoid paying overdue fines.


Items in areas open to the public

Most items in the University Library and other branches are located in areas open to the public and can be checked out immediately at a circulation desk.

The normal loan period does not apply to items from the reference collection.

The following items can only be used in the library

  • journals and newspapers in areas open to the public
  • volumes labelled "Nicht ausleihbar" (non-circulating)