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Overdue Fines

Even if you exceed the loan period for only one day, you will accrue overdue fines.

Per item this amounts to

  • 1st warning: €3.00
  • 2nd warning: €6.00
  • 3rd warning: €12.00

Upon the third warning you will additionally be assessed €5.70 for postage for sending a registered letter.

Overdue fines can be paid at any of the circulation desks of the University Library (UB) and other branches during the opening hours for cash payment.
Fines are set in accordance with the current version of the "Verwaltungskostenordnung für den Geschäftsbereich des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft und Kunst" (Administrative Costs Regulation of the Ministry of Science and Art) (VwKostO-MWK).


Important: If you have €12.00 or more in unpaid overdue fines, you will be unable to borrow items with your library card until the fines are paid.