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General Information

Interlibrary loan

With the interlibrary loan service, media that is unavailable in the library system of the Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) can be obtained from other German libraries.

Any holder of a valid ID card for borrowing (JLU student ID/chip cardreader's card oder personalized professorship ID card (PPA)) can participate in the interlibrary loan.

Ordering options:

Available are:

  • books,
  • journal articles and
  • other media,

that are unaivalable in Giessen.


For each order you will have to pay an interlibrary loan fee of 2,00 €. This fee depends on the "Verwaltungskostenordnung für den Geschäftsbereich des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft und Kunst" (administrative costs of arbitration for the division of the Ministry of Science and Art) (VwKostO-MWK) in the currently valid version.

The fee will by charged either via an interlibrary loan account (online interlibrary loan) or you have to buy an interlibrary loan form at the delivery desk of the University Library (UB) for 2,00 €.


Usually, the delivery time of an interlibrary loan is about 2-3 weeks.


For books and other borrowable media you will get a notification e-mail . Media ready for collection will also be listed under "Entleihungen" (borrowings) in your user account. The loan period for books from the interlibrary loan usually is 28 days and can be renewed twice. If the lending library does not grant the renewal, you can be prompted to return the media yet.

Attention: For journal articles please ask at the delivery desk of the UB, if the ordered copies are ready for collection.


Interlibrary loan from abroad

If you require literature that is not available in Germany, you can make an interlibrary loan from abroad. For details please contact the delivery desk of the UB.

For international interlibrary loan orders processing time and costs can vary widely. You will have to bear all incurring costs.


Document delivery service Subito

For a faster procurement of literature the fee-based document delivery service Subito offers an alternative to interlibrary loan.

Via Subito you can order:

  • books,
  • journal articles and
  • other media.


The delivery will be directly to the address you specify.

A free registration is required to use Subito. Immediately after the submission of the registration form, you will get a user identification and a password.

Subito offers two variants of delivery. The order processing time is

  • normal service: maximum 72 hours,
  • express service: maximum 24 hours.


Articles from journals and books can be sent by mail, e-mail or fax.

You will be informed about the costs during the ordering process. An invoice will be sent to you separately.

The staff at the enquiry desks of the University Library will be glad to assist you with the registration, research and order.