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The following groups of people have borrowing privileges:



In the following libraries, you can borrow most books and other resources:


In the other libraries (the so-called subject libraries), the loan policies are regulated individually. For more information, consult the library directory.


Items in areas open to the public

The traffic light symbols in JUSTfind designate whether an item can be borrowed and, if so, whether there are any restrictions on borrowing that item.

Traffic light symbols in JUSTfind


In the above-mentioned libraries most items are located in areas open to the public and can usually be checked out immediately (1).


Exceptions include items from the reference collection and other items with borrowing restrictions (2).

The following items can only be used in the library

  • journals and newspapers in areas open to the public
  • volumes labelled "Nicht ausleihbar" (non-circulating) (3)



Collections in the Storage Area

Some of the items that can be borrowed are located in the storage area of the UB. You have to place a hold on these items so that they can be retrieved from this area. See "Place a Hold, Recall, Pick Up".

Books that have already been borrowed by someone else can be recalled.