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Sannimari Veini


Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


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Beruflicher Werdegang

Sannimari Veini studied law at the University of Turku, Finland, and graduated with an LL.M. degree in 2021. During her studies, Sannimari specialized in public international law and wrote her Master’s thesis with the title “Redrawing the Red Line: Researching Possibilities of International Law to Secure Accountability for the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria Through Individual Criminal Responsibility”. From May 2022 onwards Sannimari has been working as a research assistant at the Chair of Public Law and International Law and is doing her doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn.


Sannimari’s main research interests include issues of arms control and disarmament, and the interaction of these fields with other fields of international law, and politics. Especially she is focused on chemical weapons and questions surrounding different avenues of accountability for their use.