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20.11.2015 Masterclass on European and Comparative Migration Law - mit Prof. Kees Groenendijk (in Zusammenarbeit mit der Sektion "Menschenrechte und Demokratie" des GGS)

Friday, 20 November 2015


Dekanatssitzungssaal (Licher Str. 72, upper floor)


9:00 Welcome

The CJEU – A new actor in the field of refugee law

Presentation by Sabiha Beg and Discussion

Legal Access to International Protection in the EU

Presentation by Pauline Endres de Oliveira and Discussion

The international dimension of border and asylum as a risk or virtue for refugees’ rights? The EU external action’s potential for a constitutional cosmopolitan approach

Presentation by Andrea Romano and Discussion

Brown Bag Lunch

Lessons from Schengen, or: the Revival of Borders within the EU

Presentation by Prof. Kees Groenendijk, Nijmegen

Protection of Refugees in India and Europe: Exploring International Standards for an Indian Refugee Legislation

Presentation by Shuvro P. Sarker and Discussion

The Syrian refugees in Lebanon: a humanitarian crisis and a political challenge

Presentation by Laura El Chemali and Discussion
15:45 Closing remarks



The Masterclass gives the above mentioned five selected PhD students and Postdocs the opportunity to present their research project, or parts of it, and get expert feedback.


Professor Groenendijk is a former Professor of Sociology of Law at Radboud University Nijmegen. He is a pioneer and leading academic of legal scholarship on the Europeanisation of migration law and policy that builds on interdisciplinary knowledge. Professor Groenendijk is co-founder and director of the leading European research institution in the field, the Center for Migration Law (CMR) at the University of Nijmegen.


The Masterclass is open for participation of a limited number of advanced undergraduate students, PhD students and Postdocs. The deadline for applications is 13 November 2015. All applications and further inquiries should be send to