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The seminar focuses on the independent compilation, evaluation and interpretation of scientific findings, as well as the formulation of a scientific paper, the argumentative defence of technical standpoints and problem solving. The central purpose of the seminar is the critical examination of scientific literature. In addition, you will come into personal contact with the research assistants and the professor and exchange views on problem areas and solutions in the subject area covered.

The main components of the course are typically a written seminar paper and a presentation. Depending on the number of participants, the lectures take place weekly or as block courses during the semester. Attendance at the seminar is compulsory. The majority of the literature will be in English. The main topics will be announced before the respective registration deadline.

Information on how to register for the seminar can be found on the website of the examination office.

Summer semester 2022: "Economics of Migration: Labor Markets and Welfare State Consequences"


During the seminar the participants are required to write a seminar paper and give a presentation, whereas the underlying technical literature will be in English. In addition to regular events, the seminar will also include a session on scientific work offered by the professorship. The courses are divided into several block lectures during the summer semester 2022.

A list of current topics is currently being compiled and further information will be announced soon on Stud.IP.

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You can find the guide for scientific papers and the cover sheet template here.




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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Meckl

Start Wintersemester

further information, particularly location and time, will be announced on Stud.IP.