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  • Globalized economies are subject to globalized risk. Financial crises, the consequences of climate change, the spread of pandemics. These are threats to globally integrated economies. Political uncertainty and international trade wars case market volatility and global desintegration. Miagration and the digital revolution are challenges to modern economies. All of these disruptions are global in nature. Households, firms and policy makers have to address risks that are no longer confined to national borders.

  • To deal with global risk, we need thinkers and managers with a skill set that combines economics and business studies with a strong quantitative focus and knowledge from neighboring disciplines such as international politics, development studies and international law.

  • In the spirit of its international orientation, the program offers selected students the chance to spend up to one year abroad. Economics of Global Risk cooperates with the Department of Economics at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM). Furthermore, the program offers the opportunity to pursue a dual degree. Students successfully completing this dual degree programme will receive the Master of Science degree in Economics from the Justus-Liebig University of Gießen and the Master of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. With a M.Sc. in Economics and a Major in Economics of Global Risk, you are well prepared for a career in government, non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations and research institutions.