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JLU main building. Photographer: Sebastian Ringleb
University library Phil. I. Photographer: Franz Möller


If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQs first.


News and current information:


You want to apply as a "freemover" or for an internship at the JLU? Please note the following: 


  • First of all, you have to find a major supervisor at the Department of Psychology, who is willing to supervise you during your stay; do NOT send any general applications to our departmental staff or the Erasmus+ coordination team. Any general applications/ requests sent to multiple professors/ research groups will not be processed any further. Therefore make sure that you only send applications based on your major research interests (including a proper motivation letter, CV, etc.).




Welcome to Giessen!


  • General information for incoming ERASMUS students on application, enrolment, housing in Giessen, etc. is available on the pages of the International Office.





A complete summary of courses in German are listed here.




  • All psychology courses take place on the campus
    Philosophikum I located next to the university
    library and mensa (canteen).
Philosophikum I


For any further information, please contact our ERASMUS team