Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Dr. Dennis Gerbig

Akademischer Rat, Lab Manager 'Spectroscopy', Linux Administrator


Phone and Fax :
0641 / 99 34380 (Office)
0641 / 99 34301 (Secr.)
0641 / 99 34309 (Fax)
Institute of Organic Chemistry
Justus–Liebig University
Heinrich-Buff-Ring 17
35392 Giessen, Germany

Research Interests


  • Matrix isolation spectroscopy of reactive intermediates of atmospheric and interstellar interest
  • Tunneling in reactive intermediates and tunneling control of chemical reactions
  • Machine Learning assisted analysis of organocatalytic transformations for catalyst design
  • Computational Chemistry in the broadest sense (ab initio and density functional theory)



  • Head of 'Matrix Lab' (Matrix Isolation, VCD)
  • Head of 'Spectroscopy Lab' (IR, UV/Vis, EPR, fluorescence, polarimetry)
  • System administrator 'fb08-halo' cluster (Linux system administration and engineering)
  • Software maintainer 'Computational Chemistry' on Hesse HPC cluster systems (compiling and scripting of proprietary and open-source electronic structure codes)
  • Software license manager (SciFinder, ChemDraw, Chemcraft)



M. Sc. curriculum

  • Ch-MP5 Reaktionsdesign
  • Ch-MP2 Molekulare Analytik
  • Ch-MPO1 Reaktive Intermediate

B. Sc. curriculum

  • Ch-BV08 Theoretische Chemie und Computerchemie
  • Ch-BK15 Seminar zum Organisch-Chemischen Praktikum



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Contributions to Books


  • Dennis Gerbig & Peter R. Schreiner "Tunneling in the Reactions of Carbenes and Oxacarbenes" in Moss, R. A.; Doyle, M. P. "Contemporary Carbene Chemistry", Wiley Series of Reactive Intermediates in Chemistry and Biology, John Wiley & Sons, 2013.