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12th TRR81 PhD Mini-Symposium


12th TRR81 PhD Mini-Symposium
Monday, 8th of April, 2019
1:00 pm
Lecture hall III
Conradistraße, 35043 Marburg
Room 00/66020


Advanced Methods in Chromatin and Gene Expression Research


Invited speakers:

    • Dr. Ignasi FornéBiomedical Center Munich, LMU, Munich, Germany
    • Dr. Vanja HaberleIMP – Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, Austria
    • Dr. Daan Peric Hupkes, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • Flora LeeThe Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom
    • Florian SchmidtSwiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Basel, Switzerland


Please download the program here!