Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

PhD Mini-Symposia

PhD students and postdocs organize half-day or one-day symposia by inviting other PhD students and postdocs from abroad working on related topics.

The next Mini-Symposium: 2020 TBA by the Borggrefe group


Previous workshops:


8th of April 2019 by the Brehm group

28th of November 2018 by the Braun group

26th of April 2017 by the Kracht group

20th of November 2015 by the Schmitz group

3rd of June 2015 by the Borggrefe group

20th of November 2014 by the Rathke group

13th of December 2013 by the Bauer group

14th of February 2013 by the Dobreva group

9th of October 2012 by the Renkawitz group

26th of June 2012 by the Dammann group

19th of April 2011 by the Brehm group

12th of December 2011 by the Suske group