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Professur für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe und Bioressourcen


The newly formed NAWARO group will connect ongoing developments in plant breeding, agronomy, soil science and hydrology with sustainable farming systems to increase the supply and use of plant derived biomass for industrial purposes. The founding members of this new group in JLU‘s IFZ (John Clifton-Brown and Rakesh Bhatia) have 40 years of combined expertise on the development (production) and use (conversion) of perennial biomass crops with C4 photosynthesis, since C4‘s can achieve high yields with low inputs even on marginal land and under climate change. Our research and teaching objectives are to i) work on species suitability for biomass and compatibility with food and fodder crops through measurement and modelling, ii) collect and convert renewable biomass feedstocks sustainably to bio-based products (bio-chemicals and materials) and energy and iii) find solutions that resolve conflicts between food and fuel, reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as closes the carbon cycle, enhancing the environmental economic sustainability of future farming systems. We welcome opportunities for new projects and students that can help us shape a sustainable bioeconomy in Hessen, Germany and beyond.




EIP "Integration von mehrjährigen Miscanthus-Streifen auf Ackerflächen"

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