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Cognition, Culture, Narrative

GCSC - JLU Giessen

December 6 - 8, 2023

This conference addresses the triangular relationship between mental processes, cultural parameters, and the narrative mode, trying to gauge how cognition, cultures, and narratives mutually shape each other. It seeks to bring together scholars who combine narrative and cultural analysis with insights from neuroscience, discursive psychology, cognitive evolutionary psychology and anthropology, cognitive linguistics, and philosophy of mind. Stories appear in every known human culture, where they sometimes correlate with rather similar, but sometimes also radically different ways of thinking and sensemaking. As Ellen Spolsky puts it, one important question is therefore how "the evolved architecture that grounds human cognitive processing, especially as it manifests itself in the universality of storytelling and the production of visual art, interacts with the apparently open-ended set of cultural and historical contexts in which humans find themselves, so as to produce the variety of social constructions that are historically distinctive, yet also often translatable across the boundaries of time and place" (2004: viii).

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