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The Academic Sports Services of Justus Liebig University Giessen (ahs) gives you the opportunity to stay active while you are abroad. We offer various sports classes, sport competitions, exercise breaks during lectures, health promotion events, and cooking workshops throughout the year. Our target groups are students and staff members, but guests from outside the university are also welcome.

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, provide sports and health classes that are fun and challenging at the same time, connect students from all over the world and enrich your time in Giessen. Academic Sports Services help you to stay fit while studying, managing the workload of university and meeting new people. No matter which sport you choose, there is something for everyone!


Sports program


From ball games to health and fitness courses, martial arts, water, outdoor or racket sports, dance classes or gymnastics - ahs offers more than 80 different sports to choose from. There are four programs during the year, two per half year (Winter Semester, Winter Break, Summer Semester, Summer Break).

Everyone is welcome to join our classes. If you are unsure whether or not to join a class, attend the class during trial week or feel free to contact the course instructor.

For a comprehensive overview of our entire sports program please follow this link.

Answers to the most common questions regarding our sports program can be found in our FAQs.


In addition to the regular sports classes Academic Sports Services provide different sporting events. These include health days for students and for staff of the university, as well as ball sports tournaments, aqua- or fitness events.

For more information about our events view the following page.



Enrollment for our courses and events is only possible online and usually commences two weeks before each semester. In the course description you will find detailed information regarding the course fees of each class.

Registration is mandatory for all sports classes. You must sign up for each ahs course separately, with the exception of sessions run during the trial week. The first week of every semester at JLU is a trial week. You can try out classes without any obligation.

To find a helpful guideline for the course registration, click here.


Sport facilities

Campus Kugelberg/Sport is located on Kugelberg 58, 35394 Giessen.

The university facilities include two university gyms, a multi-purpose studio, beach volleyball and tennis courts, athletic tracks, soccer fields, and an indoor swimming pool.

See the Campus Map to find the facilities. The directions and journey description to the sports facilities can be found here.

Please be aware that some venues are not located on the Campus Kugelberg/Sport.


Sports partner message board

Want to do a certain course but don`t know who to take?

Find a sports partner on our message board! Whether it’s for a dance class or just running together regularly, just post it on here and you soon won’t have to go to class by yourself!

You can find our sports partner message board via stud.IP at „Schwarzes Brett“.

The sports partner message board is only available to members of JLU.



If you have any questions regarding joining sports classes at JLU, contact us. We are committed to answering your questions as soon as possible.