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Open projects

This is an overview of open projects offered for the summer term 2022. Due to the pandemic we are able to offer only one open project this year. You may select the projects in our portal by project ID, name of supervisor and title. We will not be able to consider incomplete applications or applications that are not submitted via the online portal.

Supervisor ProjectID

Prof. Dr. Martin Berghoff

Prof. Dr. Tilman Borggrefe



Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), an animal model of multiple sclerosis, is associated with chronic inflammation and degeneration of the CNS. FGFR-dependent pathways have been shown to modulate disease activity. Our group has applied FGFR inhibitors in EAE, which resulted in beneficial effects of substances on inflammation, myelin and axons. It is known that an altered lipid metabolism is characteristic for chronic inflammatory disorders. Prelimanary data suggest that treatment with such an inhibitor decreases the concentration of lipids associated with neurodegeneration in EAE. The goal of these experiments ist to study the effects of pharmacological FGFR inhibition on cellular functions using a multi-omics approach. The EAE experiments are already completed. Data will have to be analysed in the context of model EAE. Identification of alterations in „-omics“ may lead to a better understanding of the pathology of EAE and eventually multiple sclerosis.

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The PhD student (biochemist, immunologist, etc.) should be interested in basic science, ideally in lipodomics and metabolomics. Fluency in English and an interest in writing of manuscripts is expected.


Supervison and lab space available. Applicants need to be willing to apply for fellowships - no personal funds available.

This project is offered in the GGL research Section - 5