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Global Agricultural Governance and Transnational Relations



  • Context

Global agricultural governance serves as a laboratory for analysing the three main dynamics in transnational relations: the rise of new actors, the proliferation of new governance approaches, and the intensified and complex interaction between different levels of governance. The project outlines a new research agenda on public and private norm entrepreneurship (Schwindenhammer 2016, Schwindenhammer 2017), norm contestation and standardisation (e.g., Schwinden-hammer 2020a forthcoming; Schwindenhammer et al. 2017), and the rise of transformative technologies in global agricultural governance (Schwindenhammer 2020b, forthcoming). The project has three purposes:

  1. to serve the need for more qualitative comparative research,
  2. to locate agricultural governance in the context of conceptual debates in International Relations (IR) about new approaches to governance, critical norm research, norm diffusion and the role of norm entrepreneurship, and
  3. to outline future areas of research in the light of the empirical results.
  • Selected publications (peer reviewed)