Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

01/12/2021 | Great news again: Dr Elena Xoplaki was successful with an application as a member of the high-level consortium DAKI-FWS

In the DAKI-FWS crises management project, business and science cooperate in order to devise a modular early warning system that derives and processes warnings for entrepreneurial action. To this end, SMEs like data4life or Logiball together with research institutions like Fraunhofer, Charité University Medical Centre, Hasso-Plattner-Institut and Robert Koch-Institut are in the process of developing a generic model including data and analysis platforms for a number of various crises from epidemics/pandemics to floods, storms, and heat waves.

The total funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the framework of the programme "Innovationswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz"" amounts to €12 million, of which €1.5 million is available immediately for Dr. Xoplaki's sub-project "Weather and climate modules of the AI-supported early warning system". The job announcement to fill four full-time project positions has already been placed.

Dr. Xoplaki's sub-project of the AI-based DAKI-FWS will apply innovative Artificial Intelligence approaches to prepare weather extremes warnings of high spatial resolution with a seasonal horizon. Climate-related pandemics and subtropical and tropical diseases warnings contribute further to the estimation of outbreaks and evolutions of health crises. Optimally detected heat waves, storms, droughts, and floods as well as compound and concurrent extremes are introduced to AI-enhanced seasonal risk maps. Thanks to its time horizon, the project not only supports adaptation to climate change, it also improves preparedness and increases resilience of economic sectors to the ongoing climate change. The KLIMA-FWS will inform stakeholders and policy makers as well as the public about the accurate probability of occurrence, intensity, spatial and temporal extent of extreme events that are relevant for the German economy and, furthermore, for the different levels and entities of disaster management and civil protection.

The entire ZEU team congratulates Elena Xoplaki on this great success and will do their utmost to support her for a successful project.