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17/08/2022 | New project: Determinants of Food Insecurity in Urban and Rural Afghanistan

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Martin Petrick and Prof. Ramona Teuber were able to acquire a new project for ZEU from the Volkswagen Foundation. This study complements the project "Sustainable Agricultural Development in Central Asia (SUSADICA)" and is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. to analyze current consumption patterns of rural and urban households in Afghanistan and based on this to measure the extent and severity of food insecurity,
  2. to investigate the coping strategies of households in rural and urban contexts, and their implications for increasing food security in the country; and
  3. to analyze the main determinants of food insecurity in rural and urban areas, and provide suitable policy recommendations for addressing food insecurity in those areas.

The project is carried out by Dr. Najibullah Hassanzoy.