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Project C - Intermediates

Coordinating PI

Project PIs

  • Prof. Dr. André Schirmeisen
  • Prof. Dr. Doreen Mollenhauer



The application of defined structures to surfaces allows controlled modification of their properties. In addition, single molecules can be specifically addressed on surfaces, investigated and used in single-molecule functional apparatuses. The standard method of placing molecules on surfaces is sublimation. However, this technique is only applicable to a limited molecular size. One approach to deposit arbitrarily large compounds on surfaces is by synthesizing the molecules directly on the surface.


Scientific Goals

In this subproject, different leaving groups for the generation of radicals, which are key intermediates in surface-assisted coupling reactions, will be investigated. Important aspects are the control of the generation of radicals at different conditions (surface, temperature), the inter- as well as intramolecular interaction of two radicals, but also the possibility to remove the leaving group from the surface. From these findings, in combination with the results from subproject B Reaction Kinetics, a selective cross-coupling will be realized and fully elucidated mechanistically by low-temperature AFM.