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Project E - Steering Molecular Stereogenicity

Coordinating PI

Project PIs

  • Prof. Dr. André Schirmeisen



The aim of this subproject is to determine the configuration of stereogenic structures and enantioselective on-surface synthesis. Deciphering the absolute configuration of individual molecules by direct visual observation is the next step in their stereochemical identification and an essential part for the complete characterization of (organic) molecules on surfaces as soon as they are no longer only two-dimensional. This also applies, among other things, to natural products, which are often accessible only in vanishingly small quantities. It is also essential for the unambiguous determination of the stereochemistry in on-surface syntheses, the core topic of this Loewe group, since only the targeted (predictable) synthesis and flawless assignment of the produced molecules can be of interest.


Scientific Goals

The first goal is to develop combined experimental and theoretical methods and protocols for the determination of the relative and absolute stereochemistry of organic molecules on surfaces (subprojects A, E), including their on-surface dynamics (subproject B). The previously unassigned absolute stereochemistry of a natural product will be assigned for the first time using this method alone to demonstrate the general applicability of this approach. A longer-term goal is to use catalyst-modified microscopy tips to enable stereoselective syntheses with achiral catalysts by visual and mechanical selection of reaction partners (Subproject C).