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Bike Sharing Scheme

Bike sharing began at JLU in 2018, encouraging eco-friendly student mobility and linking different campus areas even better. There are now 360 bikes at 17 stations. The system run by nextbike is open to everyone – and there are special conditions for students at JLU and THM.

Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) and the University of Applied Sciences (THM) have extended their bike sharing scheme. There are now 17 stations in the campus areas at JLU and THM as well as at Giessen railway station for a total of 360 seven-gear “ecobikes” operated by nextbike. 300 are JLU blue and 60 THM green.

neue Station Universitätszentrum

JLU is more mobile than ever. Since January 2019 nextbike users can hop on a bike at the Main Building at the University Centre Campus. Photo: JLU Press Office / Lisa Dittrich

At both universities it is now easier to get from one campus to another – at JLU this is particularly important in view of reconstruction work on House A / Audimax at Philosophikum II – thus enhancing environmentally-friendly mobility in the town. At the same time, they have implemented a measure which has played a significant role in “Consilium Campus Development Giessen II” (CCG II) in this university town. THM participated with JLU in the joint project, providing four stations for 60 bicycles.


Overview of bike stations:

Overview of bike stations at JLU.pdf

Overview of bike stations at THM.pdf


No matter if they are JLU blue or THM green, all the bikes can be used by staff and students of both universities and also by anyone else who wishes to borrow a bike.

All you have to do is register personally in the nextbike system. Students can sign up indicating JLU as their partner so they can have the first 30 minutes of each ride free thanks to their semester contribution. Staff may apply for reimbursement through their employer for job-related individual rides and annual tickets. This  form is applicable.

Make a booking by using the nextbike App or the nextbike hotline 030 69205046. Anyone registered with nextbike can use all the other nextbike systems – all over the world.

Registration/Rent a bike:

- Users must sign up personally with nextbike and agree to the general terms and conditions.

- Staff at JLU and THM, like all other users, sign up on the website; explicit authentication is not required for any optional special rates.

- Only students at JLU and THM will receive special conditions once they have signed up personally using the special “CAMPUSbike” link. The system will authenticate their student status.

- Students must re-authenticate their status on nextbike every new semester (deadline 15 May and 15 November) in order to continue with the special conditions. Students will be informed by nextbike 14 days before the deadline and will receive a link for re-authentication.

- Special conditions apply only to the Giessen system – in other systems different fees may apply.


Park a bike

- Choose the park function during a current bike rental (on the nexbike app) to take a break and lock the bike without using a station. Other users will not be able to use your bike during your break. The rental clock will continue to tick, though. If you exceed the allocated free minutes, you will have to pay on top (see nextbike’s current terms).

- If you want to benefit from the use of several rentals of 30 free minutes each (applies to Giessen students and holders of an annual ticket), you must return the bike to a station and wait at least 15 minutes before the next ride.


Return a bike

- You must return the bike to a nextbike station.

- If the station is full, you may leave and lock up the bike within a 20 metre radius of the station sign.

- A nextbike service team will re-distribute bicycles to remedy full and empty stations.


In case of urgent problems, please contact the supplier by hotline or email to Please contact if you have any suggestions or complaints.