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Faculty 02 - Campus

All main facilities of the Faculty 02 - Economics and Business Studies are located on a single campus. Here you can find the professors' offices, the lecture halls, the department's library, as well as a PC lab and a cafeteria. In addition, tree-lined green spaces invite students to take a break and relax.




The faculty's origins go back to the year 1777. At that time, one of Germany's first economic faculties was founded in Giessen. Today the Faculty 02 - Economics and Business Studies has over 2,800 students who are completing coursework for a degree in business administration (Bachelor of Science / Master of Science) or economics (Bachelor of Science / Master of Science). These business and economics majors are joined by many students from other departments with business or economics as their minor subject. The department's faculty consists of 16 full professors and about 90 other academic staff (assistants, lecturers and the like).

Branch Library Economics and Business Studies


The Branch Library Business and Economics is the department's library and a part of Giessen University's library system. It has extensive holdings of academic books and journals, CD-ROMs and companies' annual reports. The library offers students Internet access via cable network or wireless LAN as well as a large number of study and reading desks. Needless to say, the latter are especially popular with students preparing for their final exams. 

Campus PC Lab


The faculty's computer lab puts modern and state-of-the-art PC workstations at the disposal of students. All workstations feature both standard software (e.g., Office and Internet browser software) and specialized applications (such as statistics packages, SAP or Navision), which are used in various courses. At the computer lab, students can also sign up online for their exams using smart-card readers. If you have any questions or problems regarding information technology (hardware, software, etc.) at the faculty, address them to the IT Service Center, our one-stop shop for competent advice on IT.

Café JuWi

Café JuWi is the faculty's centrally located cafeteria and much more than students' preferred hangout for a quick snack. In addition to its wide selection of snack foods, Café JuWi offers a daily selection of set meals from the university's canteen plus a healthy choice of salads, vegetables and fruit.