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Prof. Dr. Nicolas Pröllochs

Chair for Data Science and Digitization

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Pröllochs

Licher Straße 62
D-35394 Gießen

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Nicolas Pröllochs is a Tenure-Track Professor in Data Science and Digitization at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies of the University of Giessen. Before joining the University of Giessen, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in machine learning at the University of Oxford. Prior to that, Nicolas Pröllochs headed the Social Computing & Finance Research Group at the University of Freiburg where he also obtained his Ph.D. in Information Systems. His research focuses on data science methods and computational techniques for understanding and predicting human decision-making in the digital age.  Current research projects apply machine learning and natural language processing to a broad selection of topics, including (1) social networks, (2) recommender systems, and (3) financial markets. Apart from academic research, Nicolas Pröllochs is a passionate programmer and has developed multiple widely used R packages (­> 150,000 downloads via CRAN) for text mining and machine learning.