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Chair for Data Science & Digitization

Chair for Data Science and Digitization

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Pröllochs

Licher Straße 62
D-35394 Gießen

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BWL XI: Paper in Communications of the ACM
A new article has been accepted for publication in Communications of the ACM. The paper discusses threats emerging from alt-tech social media platforms.
BWL XI: Research Featured in the Financial Times
Our research studying Russian propaganda on social media during the 2022 invasion of Ukraine has been featured in the Financial Times.
BWL XI: Paper accepted at WWW
A new research paper has been accepted for publication at The Web Conference (WWW). The Web Conference is a flagship conference in data science with a very low acceptance rate (CORE Ranking A*).
BWL XI: Paper in Nature Human Behaviour
A new research paper examining the causal impact of negativity on news consumption has been accepted for publication in Nature Human Behaviour (IF: 24.25). The results of the study demonstrate a robust and causal negativity bias in news consumption from a massive dataset from the field.
BWL XI: Paper in PNAS Nexus
A new research paper studying the antecedents of hate speech on social media has been accepted for publication in PNAS Nexus. Based on three large-scale datasets across three domains (politics, news media, and activism), the study demonstrates that moralized language in social media posts fosters the proliferation of hate speech.
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