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Honorarprofessorin Dr. Frauke Schleer-van Gellecom

Dr. Frauke Schleer-van Gellecom is the holder of the honorary professorship "Decision Intelligence"

Foto: privat

Data-supported and forward-looking decisions are the central element in corporate management and become even more important in times of uncertainty. In the (English) literature, but also increasingly in business practice, this is referred to as a sub-discipline of "decision intelligence".

Intelligent – i.e. fact-based and forward-looking – controls and decisions affect all areas of the company: customer analysis and sales planning, demand, production and capacity planning as well as production optimization or purchasing decisions through to personnel and financial planning. Environmental social governance (ESG) is also becoming increasingly important.

The activities of the honorary professorship deal with the use of scalable technologies for business practice using artificial intelligence and machine learning methods. The main focus is on forecasting (predictive excellence) as an essential component of digital transformation.


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