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Final Papers


You can register for final papers, bachelor, and master seminars at the chair for International Economics Professur via the portal Stud.IP.

Ensuring Good Scientific Work

Guidelines for good scientific practice should help to promote the quality of scientific work and thus prevent scientific misconduct. You can find the link to the JLU statutesregarding the application of these rules. Please note that scientific misconduct can result in discipinary sanctions.

Topics for your Master and Bachelor Thesis :

You can write your thesis at our chair in the following subject areas:

  • Globalization and Trade Policies
  • Innovation and Human Capital Accumulation
  • Economic Growth and Development
  • Economic Development and Distribution
  • Trade and Environment
  • Economic Growth and Institutions
  • Labor Markets and Unemployment

However, we are also open to suggestions for topics on your part. Please note that you can write your thesis in German as well as in English. The following literature is available as an overview of the topics for the theses.

Guidelines and Information about Theses at the Chair for International Economics

The guidelines for academic papers contain all relevant instructions for the preparation of a written paper at the Chair of International Economic Relations. The professorship recommends that you adhere to the guidelines in order to avoid point and grade deductions.

In addition to formatting guidelines and outline help, the guide also contains information on the evaluation of written papers.