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Language Courses

Giessen University offers a variety of courses to study foreign languages, including German. Use these courses to build your proficiency in German and other foreign languages the easy way.

German language and foreign language classes


JLU's international office organizes an extensive range of classes designed to help you improve your fluency in German and in foreign languages. Courses on offer include language classes for exchange students, the International Summer Course, German intensive courses (for a fee), free courses held at the international office, self-study courses, and many others. Moreover, the international office provides counselling and advice on choosing the appropriate course(s).



Managerial English


As a management practitioner, you don't have a choice: You must communicate effectively in speaking and writing, and you must frequently do so in English to be successful. If you can't, trial and error will teach you these soft skills the hard way. As a management student at our faculty, however, you do have a choice: You can choose from several Managerial English classes to systematically practise effective English-language communication techniques in management contexts. If you do, you will find that soft skills training need not be hard going.