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Information for applicants for the subject art/art education


We are pleased that you are interested in studying in Giessen. The study of art education is composed of the three central sub-areas of subject science, subject didactics and subject practice. You can find an overview of the courses we offer here. Below you will find the most important dates and deadlines as well as further hints and tips for your application.


Dates and information on the qualifying examination 2023 in general
IMPORTANT: Changes to the qualifying examination for the elementary school teaching profession (L1 - long subject with 50 CP)

Who has to take an aptitude test?

A qualifying examination is required for all degree programs that include more than 30 CP.
A qualifying examination is not required for Bachelor's degree programs with a minor (CP 30).

IMPORTANT - Elementary School Teacher Training (L1 - long subject with 50 CP): For the subject Art in Elementary School Teacher Training, innovations will come into effect with the WS 2023/24. Applicants must also take an aptitude test. For the small L1 subject (20 CP), an aptitude test is still not required. Please inform yourself on the homepage of the IfK about this from April 2023.
Registration: Further information and the forms for registration can be found on the IfK homepage. Registration is possible until June 1, 2023.

Days of the qualifying examination (starting at 9 a.m. each day):

Tuesday, 6/20/2023: Applicants for L2 and L5
Wednesday, 21.6.2023: Applicants for L3
Thursday, 22.6.2023: Applicants for Bachelor and Master
Friday, 23.6.2023: Applicants for L1 (long subject with 50 CP) For the small L1 subject (20CP) no qualifying examination is still necessary.

Applicants for the Master's program do not take part in the written exam and please hand in your portfolio to the secretary's office by 12h at the latest. We will ask you for an interview in the morning to present the portfolio.

Students of IfK (applying to change internally to L3) please hand in the portfolio to the secretary's office on Tuesday, 20. 6. 2023 by 10h at the latest. You will not participate in the written exam.

Written exam and portfolio:
The qualifying examination for L1 (indication subject to change) L2, L5, L3 and Bachelor consists of a written exam and the submission of a portfolio:

You will work on the written exam at the Institute for Art Education (IfK). Please bring: Drawing equipment: pencils of all kinds, ink (if available), 1-2 brushes (for ink watercolor if available), scissors. Paper will be provided.

You will present your portfolio and the results of the retreat to the committee in the afternoon in short talks (about 10 minutes).

You may also present large, heavy or fragile works as a photograph (in hard copy, preferably in A5 format - not only digitally on the terminal device).



1. application for the study place in the desired study program: You apply for the study place in the desired study program (teaching profession, Bachelor or Master) with your corresponding documents (certificates, language certificates etc.) at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. Further information as well as corresponding dates and deadlines can be found here.

2. aptitude test in art/art pedagogy: Since artistic work is one of the central pillars of art pedagogical training, along with subject-specific science and subject-specific didactics, successful completion of the artistic aptitude test is a prerequisite for admission to most degree programs at IfK. (Exceptions: No artistic aptitude test must be passed for IfK's single-module offerings as part of the BA "Education and Support in Early Childhood" and for the minor/reference subject Art Education (30 CP) as part of the BA programs "History and Cultural Studies", "Extracurricular Education", "Music Education" and "Musicology").



The artistic aptitude test at IfK takes place once a year in the summer, since the regular start of studies is in the winter semester. Registration to take this exam must be submitted to the Institute of Art Education by June 01 of the year in which the exam is to be taken. Dates and deadlines for the upcoming qualifying examination can be found here. Please note that the registration deadline for the qualifying examination is before the deadline for applying for a study place.


Complete the application for admission to the qualifying examination for your desired degree program. You may register through the office of the Department of Art Education. Please refer to the respective information sheet. Both can be found here under "Regulations, application forms and information for all degree programs".


A central criterion for admission is a meaningful portfolio with examples of your previous artistic work. Do you have questions about the contents of your artistic application portfolio? We offer individual portfolio consultation appointments each spring. We recommend that you take advantage of this free offer. A portfolio consultation by the teachers of the Institute for Art Education is highly recommended for applicants, as it significantly increases the chances of passing the qualifying examination. Dates for this can be found here.



A special feature at IfK is the possibility to be admitted "under reserve". This means that although isolated deficiencies were identified in the aptitude test, provisional admission to the program is nevertheless granted. The applicant in question is then required to attend a mapping course in addition to the usual curriculum during the first year of study. Following this course, the qualifying examination must then be repeated.

Please note: The retake exam this year will take place on 04/07/2023. Please hand in your portfolio to the secretary's office by 12:00 on that day.



For further information of a general nature, please contact the secretary's office.

For specific questions about your studies, please contact the Student Advisory Service.

For information on student affairs, please contact the Active Student Council of the IfK.



We are looking forward to your application.