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Information for Students

If you want to find information about your (future) course of studies, need help, or if you are searching for online material, the following pages try to bring it all together. If you need more specific advice, feel free to get in touch with our study guidance. Contact the webmasters if you cannot find what you are looking for and believe some piece of information should be added.


Please refer to the FAQ for International Applicants if you wish to apply for full time studies in one of our new degree courses International Communication and Business (ICB) or Anglophone Studies.


The Study Guide for the M.A. Anglophone Studies has been compiled to help you if you have questions about the respective degree program.


The Giessen English Department offers various degree courses with English as a major or a minor subject. Our courses have now been fully modularised: if you are starting your studies, you will opt for one of our Bachelor degree courses with the possibility to apply for a Master's afterwards.

These pages will give you an overview of all possible study courses at JLU'S English Department and also direct you to the corresponding study and examination regulations.

We also recommend that you have a look at the "Studienhandbuch des FB 05" which answers any general questions you might have.


Are you looking for more reasons to study at the Department of English? We offer our students and lecturers the exciting opportunity to be part of an academic network that spans -- continents! This is your chance to spend a funded (or partially funded?) semester at a university, to get to know students from a different country, their culture and way of life.

Here at the department we take this very seriously and you get to study and exchange ideas with exchange students from these countries in our classrooms too. We firmly believe that coexistence, open mindedness and the ability to understand and appreciate different cultures is an essential part of education and the modern academia. After all, English is a language spoken in many countries around the world and this is a premise we explore in our multifaceted courses offered on English linguistics, English literature and culture and English Language Teaching. Therefore the exchange programmes we maintain with our partner universities are very important to us.

So what does this hold for you? You get to spend a semester abroad with a host of new academic and other experiences! The credits from the courses are of course transferable and you have the exciting opportunity to meet those famous experts you have always wanted to meet and to experience life in a different country, its people, food, landscape and culture. For more information, please contact our Study Abroad office.