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Götz, Mukherjee (2019)

Götz, Sandra & Joybrato Mukherjee, eds. 2019: Learner Corpora and Language Teaching.


About the volume:


While native corpora and corpus linguistic tools and methods have been used and applied for quite some time in the development of learning and teaching materials, learner corpora are only just beginning to impact the field of language teaching, testing and assessment. This volume helps to close this still existing gap and highlights the great potential of learner corpus research for language pedagogy by presenting a selection of 11 original studies on learner corpora, conducted by established experts as well as by excellent young researchers. The papers included in the volume present new corpora and methods, studies on written as well as spoken learner corpora and on using data-driven learning scenarios in the classroom.


All papers include sections on practical and concrete language-pedagogical applications. This volume will be of significant interest to researchers working in corpus linguistics, learner corpus research, second language acquisition and English for Academic and Specific Purposes, as well to language teachers and materials developers.



Introduction: Learner Corpora and Language Teaching

Sandra Götz and Joybrato Mukherjee

The Trinitiy Lancaster  Corpus: Applications in language teaching and materials development

Dana Gablasova, Vaclav Brezina and Tony McEnery

To automated generation of test questions on the basis of error annotations in EFL essays: A time-saving tool?

Olga Vinogradova

Complexity and qualitative lexical knowledge: A corpus-based study on the use of take in German learner English

Albert Biel

Cohesion or coesione? L1 Italian learners' use of linking adjuncts in academic essays

Meredith D'Arienzo

Researching learner language through POS keyword and syntactic complexity analyses

Pascual Pérez-Paredes and María Belén Díez-Bedmar

Direct quotation in second language writing: A corpus-based study of intertextuality in academic learner English

Leonie Wiemeyer

Comparing errors across an L2 spoken and written error-tagged Japanese EFL learner corpus

Mariko Abe

Speech rate revisited: The effect of task design on speech rate

Tomáš Gráf

English intonation of advanced learners: A contrastive interlanguage analysis

Karin Puga

The Use of Smallwords in the Speech of German Learners of English: A Corpus-Based Study of the Factors of Instruction and Natural Exposure

Anna Rosen

Integrating Corpus Literacy into Language Teacher Education: The Case of Learner Corpora

Marcus Callies