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All about studying at the Faculty 05

This information is addressed to students, academic and administrative staff of the Faculty 05 alike.

New to the Faculty 05?

The "Studienhandbuch" aims to explain to you the structures of the Faculty, to support your familiarisation with the regulations of study and examination, and to answer most of the questions you may have concerning the organization, management and successful conduct of your studies here at the Faculty 05.
The "Studienhandbuch" is no substitute for your individual conversation with student advisors and staff at the Faculty. At the same time, it supports their work.


What's what?

During your study here at the Faculty you will come across a number of terms that are frequently used but only rarely explained. The glossary collates and briefly explains some of these terms.

  • Glossar (currently available in German only)


Frequently asked questions

This FAQ-section serves as a starting point to answer some of your questions concerning your study at the Faculty 05. Should you feel that the answers given are not detailed enough, please contact a student advisor. Please contribute to the continuous expansion of our FAQ-collection by mailing your very own FAQ to us.