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In our molecular genetic / biochemical lab we use various techniques to determine numerous parameters from the field of molecular genetics and clinical chemistry. Molecular genetic analyzes focus on the determination of VNTR (variable number of tandem repeats) and SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). We pursue the candidate gene approach and concentrate on those polymorphisms that are theoretically related to phenotypes from the areas of temperament / personality. Neurotransmitter systems (e.g. serotonin, dopamine) are just as important here as neuropeptides (e.g. oxytocin, NPY). In addition to association studies on single polymorphisms and certain phenotypes, gene x gene interactions are increasingly becoming the focus of our interest. We analyze samples not only for our own research questions, but also within the framework of numerous collaborations for other working groups. A second area is based on the determination of various parameters using enzyme immunoassays. We have been dealing with the determination of hormones in saliva samples for many years, whereby the primary focus here is cortisol as a stress parameter, but also reproductive hormones (estradiol, progesterone and testosterone). In addition to the steroid hormones mentioned, we have recently been able to establish a reliable method for the detection of oxytocin in saliva. We guarantee minimal intra- and interassay variability by means of fully automated analyzes. In this context, we are involved in numerous collaborations as well.