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Joining the team

Spectroscopy and Optics Group: Joining the team

We are always happy to offer projects for students of all qualification levels. Typically, you will work on questions directly related to out current ongoing reseach. Thereby we provide you with the opportunity to contribute to state-of-the art research in condensed matter physics and optics, even at an early stage of your studies.

We look forward to having interested students joining our group at any time, be it for a bachelor's, master's or exam work, a research internship or simply because you want to know how cool lasers really are. We usually offer topics with different focuses and requirement profiles, which can usually also be adapted to your own interests and skills.

Can't imagine what our job will look like? What specific topics are we researching? What is this spectroscopy and what possibilities does it offer? Just come and visit us and get an idea of ​​it yourself - for example with a short, individual laboratory tour. You are welcome to contact any member of the AG – either by email or simply drop by for a coffee or tea on the ground floor of the west wing of the physics building.

Current topics for BSc/MSc work are given on the German page.

Doctoral positions are advertised on our homepage as well as on the JLU's central job exchange. If you are interested in a joint (scholarship) project or similar, please contact any of the group leaders or Prof. Chatterjee directly.