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Research & Methods

The group focusses on two research areas: optical spectroscopy of quasiparticles in condensed matter and material growth. Beyond our own capabilities, we rely on the institute's own infrastructure as well as the ZfM methods platforms for the structural characterization of all our samples as well as collaborate nationally and internationally.

We apply appropriate optical techniques for the systematic investigation of various material systems and fundamental physical questions. We therefore have specifically designed and implemented a broad range of experiments within the scope of the working group in order to provide tailored solutions for our research purposes. The focus of our experiment portfolio is on optical spectroscopy, which means that we essentially cover the spectral range from the edge of the vacuum ultraviolet to the far infrared or THz regime. A list of our experiments can be found at the end of the page in the "Optical Spectroscopy" box.

Optical Spectroscopy

Material Growth

Material Analysis