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The faculty 08 comprises the disciplines Biology and Chemistry, to which the Institutes and facilities can be assigned.

The dynamic and successful development of the faculty is based on the disciplines biodiversity and organismic interactions, molecular interactions in natural and life sciences and substances and materials in living an abiotic nature in research as well as in education. 

Most of the institutes are located on the campus of natural sciences, Heinrich-Buff-Ring, others can be found in the center of Giessen. In fall 2010 the construction of a new chemistry building began and will be finished by autumn 2015.

fh_logo_bio.pngDepartment of Biologyfh_logo_chem.pngDepartment of Chemistry
Zoology and Developmental Biology Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Botany Food Chemistry and Biotechnology
Biochemistry Organic Chemistry
Didactics of Biology Physical-Chemistry
Genetics Didactics of Chemistry
Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Plant Ecology
Plant Physiology
Systems Biology
Animal Physiology
Animal Ecology and Systematics