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About the Liebig College

In the spirit of Justus von Liebig, the name-sake of our university and founder of the modern laboratory-oriented chemistry teaching method, the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Justus-Liebig University (JLU) established the Liebig-College. The Liebig-College promotes the careers of highly motivated undergraduates through early exposure to top-level research. During the summer months, selected students are offered scholarships that allows them to participate in a project in one of the research groups at JLU and also take intensive courses from world-renowned experts in their fields. Hence, a second component of the Liebig-College is the invitation of visiting research professors to spend several weeks to months at JLU and to temporarily join our faculty. The Liebig-College provides perspectives to enter the fast-track PhD-program PreProChem of the faculty of chemistry at JLU.

The Liebig-College was founded in 2013 by the Organic Chemistry Professors P.R. Schreiner, R. Göttlich, and H. A. Wegner with generous support by the Hesse Ministery of Higher Education, Research, and the Arts.