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Diversifying sustainable and organic food systems

The FOOdIVERSE project aims to produce practice-oriented knowledge on how diversity in diets, novel food supply chains and food governance contributes to more organic and sustainable food systems. The project is funded under the ERAnet Cofund Scheme (H2020) SUSFOOD / Core Organic and provides multi-level perspectives on transforming local food systems across Europe by promoting diversity of consumers, producers and key stakeholders.

Methodologically and theoretically this project takes a relational approach on diversity, emphasising different characteristics in various contexts and across different scales. Diversity has diverse meanings, for example in urban Norway or in rural United Kingdom, but also to German consumers, Italian government officials or Polish food producers. We seek to identify the relations in characteristics of diversity that accelerate a transformation toward more sustainable food systems.

The project consists of different work packages:

Project coordinator: Stefan Wahlen

Project co-researchers at JLU: Bärbel Assmann, Andreas Gattinger, Wiebke Niether, Philipp Weckenbrock

Project term: 2021-2023

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture