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Change of Study Programme

If you plan to change from one English-language Master's programme to another within the faculty 09 or intend a double degree, you have to inform the examination office beforehand.

This is necessary

>> for the recognition of modules and semesters of studies*

>> because your FlexNow Data has to be updated with the dates of your new study programme after immatriculation.

Please inform the examination office about the change of your study programme / your double degree by email studies

The following information must be included in your email: name, immatriculation number, previous study programme, new study programme, the semester of application to the new study programme and the modules which shall be recognised.

Attention: The procedure of recognition is NOT a guarantee for a study place and does NOT replace the application for a study place. Please pay attention to the information on the application procedure for international students click here  

*Recognition of academic achievements and semesters of study:

If modules and semesters of study shall be recognised (application for a higher semester of study) the examination office has to be informed four weeks before the application deadline at the latest. Only then, the letter of recognition can be issued in time.

These modules will be accepted:

  • all identical core modules
  • at maximum four core modules of another master study programme of the faculty 09
  • all profile modules

Detailed information on recognizable modules will be available in May 2022 at the earliest.

A total of four modules with 6 CPs each are required for the recognition of one semester of study. The number of recognised semesters of study defines the assignment to a semster of study in the new study programme.

Please note: the final semester classification is determined by the Registrar's Office.

>> If a sufficient number of academic achievements has been accepted, you will receive a letter of recognition indicating the classification into a higher semester of study. This letter has to be submitted along with the application documents for a higher semester of study. Please ask in the Registrar's Office for the deadline to hand in the letter of recognition later if it is not available when you apply for the study place. 

>> After immatriculation for the new study programme, please contact the examination office and present your enrolment receipt and the letter of recognition so that your FlewNow data will be updated.


The study coordinators of the faculty 09 offer advice regarding a change of the study programme.