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Welcome on the website of the Institute for Biochemistry in the Medical Faculty of the Justus-Liebig-Universtity in Giessen.


The Biochemical Institute is located on the northeast flank of the Medical Campus of the Justus Liebig University and can look back on a successful 80-year history. After its completion in the late 1920s as the "most beautiful physiological institute in Germany", it served as a research institute for the disciplines of physiology, physiological chemistry, anatomy, pharmacy and pharmacology and can therefore be described as one of the first medical research centers on German soil. Renowned institute directors, such as Prof. Robert Feulgen or Prof. Hansjürgen Staudinger, made the institute known beyond the borders of the university city through their research. The discovery of nucleic acid staining, the lipid class of plasmalogens or the first cell fractionation can be traced back to research work carried out by members of the Biochemical Institute in the 1930s and 1940s.


Research interests of the Biochemical Institute are in the field of vascular biology and the analysis of mechanisms of cellular signal transduction and gene expression. Research groups from the Institute are integrated in several research networks dealing with aspects of cardiac and pulmonary research. Other foci of our activities are in the area of research on autoimmune diseases, lung tumors, inflammatory mediators in the tumor secretome, and infections by pathogens and RNA viruses. We also explore mechanisms of gene regulation as well as post-transcriptional mRNA regulation in mammalian cells. In the field of university teaching, the Biochemical Institute offers a wide range of topics in lectures, seminars and practical courses for students of medicine and dentistry and participates in specific programs of international graduate education as well as in the Master's program "Biology". Due to manifold interdisciplinary cooperations as well as the exchange with international guest scientists and the functional unit "Protein Analytics" located in the institute, the Biochemical Institute has made a name for itself far beyond the borders of Gießen.


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