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WS: Weaving Knowledge Event Series: Positionality and Writing


Jun 26, 2023 from 01:00 to 04:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)



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The central aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of positionality for writing
processes. It will give examples of writing encompassing authors’ positionality and propose some
practical exercises to the participants composing texts referring to their positionality and marco zero.

Positionality is the social and political context that creates your identity regarding race, class, gender,
sexuality, ability status, and space. Including space in this intersectional axis enables us to situate the
territorial and environmental aspects of literary, journalistic, and academic writing. Subjects and
collectives have developed this strategy to consider their starting point, the marco zero, to engage with
their production and subjectivities and value memories and identities.

The participant will learn some aspects of territory and writing and experiment to relate their own
positionality in their writing processes.
The workshop will combine theoretical inputs, practical exercises, and group exchanges, divided into
two 3-hour sections.

The first section involves more theoretical aspects of positionality in the writing process. The facilitator
will recommend texts and excerpts to give input to discuss different techniques, concepts, and forms
of considering positionality in different writing genres.
The second section consists of practical exercises in which the participants can practically mobilize the
concepts and tools acquired in the first section and have some time for exchanging in the group.

In this workshop, the participants will:
• learn what positionality means;
• understand how to relate space to intersectionality;
• learn key issues to reflect upon positionality in their research projects;
• compose practical examples of writing their marco zero.

// Jessica Moreira (Nós, Mulheres da Periferia)

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