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‘This Rain Will Never Stop’: A Journey from Ukraine to Iraq, Syria and Germany | Documentary Screening and Discussion


Jul 01, 2022 from 06:00 to 08:30 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)



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The documentary ‘This Rain Will Never Stop’ (Ukraine & Germany, 2020), created by Ukrainian film director Alina Gorlova, unfolds a real story of 20-year-old man who, due to the war of 2011, had to leave Syria with his Kurdish-Ukrainian family. They end up in Eastern Ukraine, where the war started in 2014.

This Rain Will Never Stop takes the viewer on a journey from Ukraine to Iraq, Syria and Germany, featuring war zones, military parades, humanitarian missions, refugee camps, cultural, religious and funeral customs”.


The full-scale war which has been waged since February 24 already has global implications, shifting European military policies and threatening hunger on a global scale, most prominently in the already vulnerable part of the Global South. However, the full-scale invasion did not appear from nowhere. The proposed film extends the temporal and spatial boundaries of the current war, opening an opportunity for discussion on issues of migration, globalisation, political and military conflict, cross-regional solidarity, and the role of researchers and artists in this process.


The screening will be accompanied by a discussion.


Moderation: Dr. Oleksandr Chertenko (Institute of Slavic Studies, JLU)


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