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GSSP Scholarships

In 2023 and 2024, after a successful application to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the GCSC is able to provide international PhD students with up to two further scholarships funded by the DAAD’s Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP). The DAAD provides detailed information on the scope of the scholarship in the 'Guidelines for Nominees'.

Please note that the source of the scholarship (GCSC or GSSP) will have no impact on the membership status, i.e. GSSP-scholarship holders will be full members of the GCSC. 

GSSP candidates must fulfil all criteria for the GCSC scholarships listed above, as well as some additional requirements of the DAAD:

  • Only international candidates are eligible for funding
  • Last academic degree received no longer than six years ago (exceptional cases: see Section A.2)
  • At the time of nomination by the GCSC (May 2024), you must not have been in Germany for more than 15 months
  • Planned research stays outside Germany must not exceed 25 % of the time planned for doctoral study and cannot take place directly at the beginning of the funding period.

We particularly invite projects that further extend the GCSC's research profile towards a "transnational study of culture" and deal with perspectives, epistemologies, bodies of knowledge, social practices, etc. outside of European modernity, or that decentre, decolonise or critically expand Western-influenced concepts and theories.

Please notice: when applying for a GSSP scholarship, you have to use the DAAD template for your letters of recommendation

After having undergone the selection process, candidates will also have to submit their applications through the DAAD portal; the final decision lies with the DAAD as the funding agency.

More information in the FAQ under 'GSSP Scholarships'