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Fellowship Program

Planetary Scholars & Artists in Residence Program (2022-2025)


The iconic Pale Blue Dot image taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft © NASA

Fellows of the Planetary Scholars & Artists in Residence Program receive the unique opportunity to engage in transdisciplinary dialogues while exploring how academia and the arts grapple with the manifold relations between societies and the planet. Drawing on academic work can not only amplify the magnitude and profundity of art works but also inspire them, and vice versa. In providing the space and conditions for intensive, collaborative work in transdisciplinary tandems, we intend to initiate ‘planetary projects’ to explore what it means that we do not just live on, but are part of an ever-changing planet. The topics for the five consecutive calls are addressing Planetary Materials (2022), Planetary Spaces (2023), Planetary Times (2024), Planetary Agency (summer term 2025), and Planetary Politics (winter term 2025).