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Planetary Futures Competition Vol. III (2024/2025)

The Planetary Futures Competition will be announced once a year in the years 2022-2025 to support the acquisition of third-party funding for transdisciplinary projects at Justus Liebig University. 


Click here to download a PDF-Version of the call.


Competition for support for the acquisition of third-party funds

For the last time in this cycle, the Panel on Planetary Thinking invites applications to the Planetary Futures Competition (2022-2025). The aim is to provide financial support for emerging transdisciplinary research projects whose initiators are in the process of applying for external funding. This time, project ideas dedicated to researching planetary phenomena using innovative approaches and methods will be awarded funding of up to 10,000 euros. The main aim is to pave the way for explorative research projects that require a research practice beyond disciplinary boundaries and thus entail risks, challenges, and opportunities.

In line with the Hessian University Pact 2021-2025, Justus Liebig University has made it its goal to promote a planetary science culture and to create transdisciplinary points of contact. In this context, the Panel on Planetary Thinking forms a central node for a growing, international network for planetary research. Planetary thinking aims to understand what it means to be part of a planet. It involves moving away from a purely anthropocentric perspective to holistic views of an ever-changing planet. Human societies are thereby understood as actors in complex (inter-)planetary and intertemporal cause-effect structures, whose ability to shape planetary processes can influence them far beyond their own existence.

Possible topics for participation in the competition are accordingly broad - suggestions as well as exemplary pilot studies or art projects can be found on our website; in particular, we direct your attention to the previously funded projects within the Planetary Futures Competitions Vol. 1 & II.

JLU members of all disciplines can submit applications, if they are eligible to apply for the envisioned third-party funding line. The Planetary Futures funds can cover material costs that serve the execution of preparatory workshops, the realization of research trips, service contracts, or other purposes that specifically serve the soliciting of third-party funding. Due to the funding guidelines, hospitality expenses cannot be covered, and the funds must have been spent by the end of 2025 at the very latest.

The application should include the following:

  • Abstract of the research project (~ 500 words)
  • Outline of activities and financing plan (e.g. workshop outline & distribution of foreseen costs)
  • Presentation of concrete funding line intended for the application (e.g. Volkswagen Stiftung: Open Up)
  • Short CVs of all applicants

Please send your application in either German or English as a single PDF file and by July, 7th, 2024 to