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Research Awards

Awards for outstanding performances in academia and execellent research projects. Most of the ones listed below are particularly relevant for postdocs.

Award (€ 500) of JLU for the five best dissertation of each year.
Two awards per year: one for advanced researchers (€ 10,000) and one for early career researchers (€ 2,500). The foundation also grants scholarships for early career and advanced researchers.
Bi-annual alternation: a) Research award (€ 4,000) vs. b) Management award (€ 5,000)
Two teaching awards for innovative concepts and outstanding commitment to academic teaching. The award is granted for teaching in the subject areas of law, business & economics, chemistry or medicine at JLU Giessen.
3,000 euro awards to promote research projects by outstanding researchers at JLU.
Granted for outstanding university level teaching (€ 3,000).
Granted to researchers who have conducted remarkable research as well as to journalists whose work has contributed to a better understanding of research insights among the general public. The Friedwart Bruckhaus Award is granted bi-annually and for a specific subset of topics each time.
Bi-annually, € 2,500. Granted for excellent history and social sciences publications centred around social principles for building and securing democratic publics. The prize is awarded to individual researchers.
€ 35,000 for dissertations and postdoctoral qualifications theses (Habilitation) concerned with the future of social market economy and related regulatory policy questions of the 21st century.
The "Communicator Award- Science Award of the Donors' Association"  is announced by DFG. This personal award is prized at € 50,000 and granted to researchers from all disciplines who do exemplary work in terms of sharing the results of their academic research with the media and non-academic, general public.
Bi-annual research award (€ 5,000) granted for topics that fit with the thematic focus of Caritas and Lorenz Werthmann passen.
Bi-annual award (€ 25,000) for excellent interdisciplinary research.
For excellent works concerned with official/theoretical statistics.
Awarded every year for postdocs who finished their thesis with magna / summa cum laude.
Innovation & promotional awards for the scientific advancement of mobile communication
Awarded twice a year every odd year (€ 10,000) for research concerned with parliamentarianism
€ 20,000 for the career advancement of early career researchers
One person per year whose excellent research contributed substantially to the advancement of their respective discipline, and who additionally stood out for their exemplary actions and extracurricular commintment to science.
Prize (€ 20,000€) for outstanding research in business administration and national economics.


Excellent research or practical projects on topics of communication and (foreign) languages
The following awards are particularly relevant for PhD candidates:
Award for outstanding theses (€ 1,500).
Granted for excellent research in the field of intercultural competencies.