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June 16, 2019: Virtual reality in medical studies

Walk through the bone with the "Virtual Reality" glasses


The current issue of the Uniforum addresses, among other things, innovative teaching in medical studies through the use of Virtual Reality at the JLU. It is important to the initiators "to sensitize the use of innovative techniques for the topic of digitization".

„Virtual Reality“ in der medizinischen Lehre an der JLU: Eine Studentin des Rheumatologie-Kurses folgt den Instruktionen von Prof. Dr. Uwe Lange und Dr. Philipp Klemm innerhalb des virtuellen Raumes am Campus Kerckhoff der JLU und ihres Fachbereichs Medizin in Bad Nauheim. Foto: Johannes Lang

"Virtual Reality" in medical teaching at the JLU: A student of the rheumatology course follows the instructions of Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Lange and dr. Philipp Klemm within the virtual space at the Campus Kerckhoff of the JLU and their Department of Medicine in Bad Nauheim. Picture: Johannes Lang, URL:

The full article can be found in Uniforum Issue 3/2109 on page 9 or at the university's press releases.

However, if you would like to find out more about the teaching and learning platform "(Nature) Science and Technology in Medicine - NWTmed", you can do so at



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