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PriMa - Graduate Program in Materials Research

Teaching - PriMa

PriMa is the "platform for structured doctoral training in materials research". It was created with funds from the Hessian study structure program and is continuously developed within the framework of the Center for Materials Research (ZfM/LaMa).

Important note: The training offers of the doctoral platform PriMa in the field of "soft skills" are organized by the newly founded Graduate Center for Natural Sciences and Psychology (GGN) since summer 2022. In order to be able to continue participating in these events, you have to become a member of the GGN.


As a doctoral platform, PriMa is intended to create equal conditions for doctoral students, regardless of the type of funding they receive, through common, in particular extra-disciplinary teaching elements.
Its events are aimed at all doctoral students who are supervised by members of the ZfM/LaMa. Therefore no separate registration is necessary for joining PriMa.
In addition, PriMa supports the existing graduate schools (e.g. DFG Research Training Groups) in the organisation and implementation of their structured doctoral programmes.

The primary goals of PriMa are to prepare doctoral students in the field of materials research at the JLU for future leading positions in industry, research institutes or universities in the best possible way and to give them a broad insight into the diversity of topics and methods at the ZfM/LaMa.

Please note that some PriMa events are also open to postdocs and master students working in ZfM/LaMa groups.

The PriMa activities are coordinated by Dr. Martin Güngerich in close cooperation with the ZfM/LaMa's board of directors.

Click here to find out more about the qualification events offered by PriMa.



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